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The Inner Self & Spirit - THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT - 7th-9th September 2018 - Glastonbury

The Inner Self & Spirit

Cossington Park. Glastonbury 


Our three day Seminar is held in the Spiritual Centre of England, Glastonbury. Our venue is the 15th Century Cossington Park Estate which is located just outside Glastonbury.  

You will receive full board to include breakfast, lunch & dinner. Teas and coffees are also provided. Afternoon tea will be served. 

So many times we search for the answers to life in the wrong places. Our answers always lay within us. When we access our inner self, connecting to the spirit within this will make it much easier then to access the spirit around us which has always been there. Once this is achieved communicating and bridging that gap from the physical world to the world of spirit becomes much easier and more natural to us. We can then learn through the teachings and the knowledge  not only our own intuition but also that of the spirit which will open up many aspects of mediumship. 

 When we learn how to work in harmony with our spirit friends and guides this ultimately makes the link stronger increasing awareness, not only of own spirit but that of loved ones and guides around us.  You will be given the tools to help you learn how to be in harmony with your self first. When we are in a great place we can then deliver the best for the people who seek us out for help. As you  practice as a medium you will learn to recognise the difference between the energies, for example:  your own energy and that of the spirit. 


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During this seminar we create awareness of the spirit to bridge the gap between the two worlds. You will learn how to blend with spirit and work with energy to  enhance your connection to the world of spirit.  As we step through the veil of the two worlds and blend with spirit we become conscious of our etheric body. So often we are concerned only with the physical aspect of our day to day life that we can lose track of the spiritual aspect of our lives, the part of us which is eternal and has been with us forever. Learn how to  reconnect to who you really are, to improve your life journey through conscious and unconscious thought . 

This will bring the understanding and communication of continued life, and that we are all eternal beings having a physical existence.

This seminar will help you to open that door, and you will be guided step by step as you walk through that with the confidence that everything is safe.  Learning about your own self and your own spiritual pathway will greatly enhance your own faculties in mediumship. 


  • Creating awareness an of the difference between psychic and mediumship
  • Meditation & Attunement to The Spirit
  • Taking Care of the physical mind & body
  • Raising Vibrations & Energy
  • Connecting the spirit within
  • knowing your guides & helpers
  • Working with Energies & Calling Cards 
  • Strengthening Your Connection To Spirit
  • Better Communication 
  • Improving Evidence
  • Private Sittings