Linda Joyce 10. Juni 2019 

Both are caring empathetic mediums and have a wonderful way of assisting and helping those in training. Their easy to follow teaching methods give confidence to those starting out on the path. It is also enlightening watching them link and work with Spirit.

Dear Louisa, Dear Paul,

We would like to say THANK YOU!!!
Last monday we had an appointment with you at the home of Petra and Andreas,
and it was so amazing, so wonderful! You helped us so much and it was healing for our souls! Now we are without any doubt that Spirit is real and all our beloved deceased are still with us! You both are so good-hearted souls! You are so wonderful people and we perceived your pureness and your love! It was so magnificent to get the chance to meet you! We Hope to see you again soon! 

We wish you all the best!
Very kind regards from
Heike and Denis 

Petra Engelbertz from Germany 

Ich weiß das dich sowas interssiert wir haben mal drüber gesprochen wie viele falsche es gibt.   Ich habe ihn kennen gelernt und er ist ! ein richtiges Medium. Seine Frau auch. Ich habe die beiden Live erlebt und das war mega emotional und beruhigend. 

Petra Engelbertz- Translated into English 
I know that you are so interested we have talked about how many wrong there is. I met him and he is! a real medium. His wife too. I experienced the two live and that was really emotional and reassuring.

Anita Arndt
I have heard and read Paul Brereton, and with much joy! I have known him for several years through events of the. He is a wonderful teacher, you can learn a lot in his seminars and learn to look at things from a spiritual point of view. He can explain very well, and all with a lot of humor. I'm looking forward to his and Louisa's next seminars in Wuppertal, and if I can do it, I'll be happy to participate.

Anita Arndt - German Version 

Paul Brereton habe ich gehört und gelesen, und zwar mit viel Freude! Ich kenne ihn schon seit einigen Jahren durch Veranstaltungen der  . Er ist ein wunderbarer Lehrer, man kann in seinen Seminaren viel lernen und lernt, die Dinge aus der geistigen Sicht zu betrachten. Er kann sehr gut erklaeren, und das alles mit viel Humor. Ich freue mich schon auf seine und Louisas naechste Seminare in Wuppertal, und wenn ich es schaffe, werde ich gerne teilnehmen.

Monika Hertel 

Out of pure curiosity and with great interest, I attended twice  a congress in which various mediums came into contact with the spirit. Among all these  medium , I was especially fascinated by Paul Brereton, who made contact with the spirit with great certainty, sensitivity and humor, and with great recognition for the bereaved. Also, I could experience Paul as a teacher. Whether it was meditation, doing exercises or making contacts - it just was great. Now I am looking forward to a workshop in April in Bremen with Louisa (which I will get to know there) and Paul and I`m  looking  forward to my individual sitting and the demonstration with spirit . I`m thrilled about Paul`s abilities.

German Version 

Aus reiner Neugier und mit großem Interesse habe ich zweimal einen Kongress besucht, bei dem verschiedene Medien Kontakt mit Verstorbenen aufgenommen haben. Unter all diesen Medien ist mir besonders positiv Paul Brereton aufgefallen, der mit großer Sicherheit, Sensibilität und Humor und mit großen Wiedererkennungswert   für die Hinterbliebenen in Kontakt mit den Verstorbenen trat. Außerdem konnte ich Paul als Lehrer erleben. Ob es um Meditation, Übungen oder Kontakte ging - es war einfach großartig. Jetzt freue ich mich auf einen Workshop im April in Bremen mit Louisa (die ich dort kennenlernen werde) und Paul.  Ich freue mich auf meine Einzelsitzung und die Jenseitsdemonstrationen. Ich bin begeistert von Pauls Fähigkeiten`.

I have to be honest and say I do have readings on a regular basis I chose
Louisa only due to the fact we went to same school, but it was a very wise
 choice. Getting in spot on from the start with her knowing I just started a
new job and realising my concern, thank you once again

Thank you so much for the prayer and to both of you for a wonderful
workshop yesterday, it was so well prepared, very informative and a sheer
 pleasure to attend.
Kyme and I are already signed up for part two and we can't wait. We may also be interested in other workshops that you run and will be in touch regarding those. 

At a recent reading with Louisa I was amazed with what I heard. I had been
 having some personal issues that I was in difficulty verbalising. As soon as
we started Louisa told me she had a message for me - the message succinctly
 told me exactly what I had been unable to verbalise. The relief and
understanding it gave me was wonderful . Louisa is a lovely person with a
real talent that has enriched my life - so thank you Louisa!
Melanie Preston

I look forward to seeing Louisa every week. I have MS and suffer with
 fatigue. I always feel that Louisa 'recharges my batteries' and I have much 
more energy after she works her magic. 
Louisa'a tarot reading was spot on. Afterwards I felt inspired 

I asked the team to investigate and help me when I had been experiencing
spiritual problems in my home for several months; noises, footsteps, things
going missing and the feeling of being watched.  These problems were
causing feelings of tiredness, stress, fear and upsetting my family life. 
The team responded very promptly, they were professional, friendly and very
approachable.  They carried out an investigation on 11th January 2009 and
resolved my problems.  Before the investigation, I talked to them about what
 I thought might be going on.  They did not just agree with me but looked
into it themselves and it turned out to be different from what I thought.  This
caused me to trust that they were genuine; if they didn’t know what they
were doing they could have easily just agreed with me.  They treated both my
 home and me with respect throughout the whole investigation.  They were
very sensitive when discussing my experiences and I felt I was being listened
to, they were easy to talk to and I was very comfortable.
After they had visited I felt so much better, there were no more occurrences
 and I felt at peace.  I was much calmer, the house felt better and I could get
on with my family life, the stress had been lifted.  I am much more confident
now and I would certainly recommend  them as a professional, helpful team.

Hi Louisa
I wanted to add a testimonial to your website just to say how I really enjoyed
the Meditating & Shifting Negativity Workshop yesterday.  I found it very
informative and came away with some new techniques that I can now try at
 home myself.  You were all so friendly and welcoming and really helped me
understand the importance of positive thinking and how to deal with
 negativity.  Thank you again and hope to see you again soon on another
future workshop. 

I attended the Meditation Workshop hoping to expand my knowledge and
learn as much as I can.
I found this workshop very helpful and interesting and have taken lots away
with me to continue to practice.
I have to say Thank You to Louisa for running the workshop an
 after attending this one I look forward to attending more in the future.

Thank You

Hi Louisa
My name is Evette and tonight you connected with my grandmother. I was
the lady near the door. You picked out my table.
I was very moved tonight and wanted to say thank you.
Good evening Louisa
I just wanted to say a very big thank you. It meant so much to me and my mum that my nan came through to me/us this evening. I/we have missed her greatly since her passing.
kind regards