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Spiritual Surgery with Paul Brereton

Paul Brereton has been a Demonstrating Medium & Tutor for over 20 years. 

Paul is a Trance and Physical Mediumship, which is developing at an amazing rate and he is now working with his Spirit Doctors who work through Paul to offer Spiritual Surgery. 

Paul grew up seeing & hearing Spirit since the age of six years old. His mother was also a medium who explained to Paul what he was experiencing. As he grew so did his natural ability. 

Paul has been a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College. He now  tours the UK and Europe Teaching, Demonstrating, Healing and Lecturing. Paul has been featured in ‘Psychic News’ in a private interview about his life. Mentored and trained by Eric Hatton, currently Paul works in Germany Teaching, Healing and giving large public demonstrations & Seminars.

Spiritual Surgery with Paul  

The purpose of healing is to restore balance of mind, body & spirit. It is an holistic approach, that is to say we look at the person as a whole. 

Spiritual healing can be used to assist the physical body during dis-ease and to return the emotional body back to equilibrium after emotional disturbances.


During an appointment with Paul you will be met by his Spirit Guide who is a highly developed Spirit in this field. Paul’s guide will speak with you regarding your condition or complaint of the physical or spiritual body. Sometimes we need healing on many levels not just the physical. Paul is able to offer Spiritual Surgery & Healing for all, he does not turn anyone away for fear of not being able to treat that person. 

Some people respond better than others when it comes Healing and that can be to do with many factors. An important factor is to always remember that healing is governed by natural law, our own lives are governed by the law of Karma, the law of Cause & Effect.  For this reason a healer cannot guarantee any cure. It can only be hoped that the healing energy will bring some benefit somehow.

 During a session of 'Spiritual Surgery' the patient may feel some work going on in various parts of the body which is quite normal. Some feel the relief immediately while others may experience it a little time after their session. It may be that more than one session is needed as that can depend on how long the patient has had the condition etc. The thing with Spiritual Surgery is to come with an open mind what ever your belief system might be in Spiritual matters. 


A session with Paul will last as long as it needs to. We need to remember we are all different and come with various conditions and complaints of the physical body, therefore some people may need to spend more time with Paul, while others their work will be administered much more quickly. We therefore allow 45 minutes with each person. Please do keep in mind that due to the nature of Paul's work he may run over if a patient requires more time, Spiritual matters cannot be rushed. 

Once you have booked your appointment with Paul we will be in touch to confirm a convenient date and time for you. 

Our clinics are held in the UK and Germany.

However we are looking to reach other people in different areas too. Please do get in touch if you would like us to hold
  a Spiritual Surgery Clinic at your venue.