Paul & Louisa are not currently offering Private

Sittings in the UK as their work has taken them abroad

​​​​​​​for the time being

Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan are International Mediums both with over twenty years experience. They travel the world teaching, demonstrating, giving talks & lectures on spiritual development & mediumship. Featured on TV, Interviewed on Radio & recently featured in Psychic News. They also have their own spiritual school called ‘Starlight International’. 

From their many years of experience they can offer a variety of different services for you from Private Sittings to Healing and Tutoring. 

During this section you can see the different services available for you from both Paul & Louisa

A Private Sitting/Reading 

A private sitting is a time set aside for Spirit Communication through the medium to the sitter. People may wish to have a private sitting for many different reasons. Some may simply wish to hear from their loved one in Spirit, others may need life guidance & some may need both. Sometimes people do do not necessarily know why they feel they need a sitting but just feel a calling.

During a private sitting the medium can delve much deeper into the information than in a public demonstration. 

Some may simply wish to have a psychic reading using the Tarot, during this type of reading there will not be Spirit Communication as the information comes from the psychic using their psychic abilities, the cards and their Spirit Guides. 


Healing can be conducted either face to face or absently for those who cannot get to Paul & Louisa. As they work with energy during healing it does not matter if you are present or not, the healing will still be effective.

Paul is a Spiritual Surgeon & Physical Medium which means he works with much stronger energies than in 'Spiritual Healing'. During a session with Paul he will be in a state of Trance, he will not use ‘hands on healing’ as his guides do the work using Paul’s energy. Paul has helped many people across the globe who have been suffering with all kinds of problems both emotional & physical.