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Readings With Paul Brereton

Paul Brereton 

Clairvoyant Medium 



Paul Brereton has been a demonstrating medium & tutor for over 20 years. Having been a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College he now currently tours the UK and Europe teaching, demonstrating and lecturing. Paul has been featured in ‘Psychic News’ in a private interview about his life. Mentored and trained by Eric Hatton, currently Paul works in Germany teaching and giving large public demonstrations. 

Interview with Paul in Germany 4/3/18 ​​​​​​​

Paul now has his own Spiritual School called ‘Starlight International’ which he runs alongside his partner, Louisa Sullivan. Paul is often in and out of Germany where he has now worked consistently for over five years. Paul’s journey is now taking him further a field to other countries such as Switzerland & the USA. 

Paul grew up seeing & hearing Spirit since the age of six years old. His mother was also a medium who explained to Paul what he was experiencing. As he grew so did his natural ability. Paul now sits for Trance and Physical Mediumship which is developing at an amazing rate. When Paul demonstrates mediumship he works in a rather unique way. He has the ability to work with three to four people at once delivering outstanding evidence and each communication is delivered with compassion and is completed with a message from the loved one who is communicating through him.  

Working with Spirit is Paul’s passion and his life, he has dedicated his life to spreading the teachings and the word of the Spirit through his demonstrating, lecturing and tutoring. 

Spiritual Private Sittings with Paul 

A sitting with Paul is an outstanding experience. Paul has an unusual connection to the Spirit World. He has seen & heard Spirit since the age of six. Paul will bring strong evidence of your loved one in the Spirit World. He delivers his readings with compassion, providing both clarity and guidance of life questions which come directly from the Spirit. You will be left in no doubt that your loved, one who now resides in the Spirit World is indeed with you.

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