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Readings with Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU

Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU  

 Clairvoyant Medium


Private Sittings/Readings

I have been actively working with Spirit now for over 26 years. I had my first experience at the age of 21 on Stage/Platform with renowned Medium & Tutor Janet Parker. Janet invited me to join her on the stage to demonstrate how I could work with the Spirit World.

From that day on I my Spiritual journey began. I am not a 'Fortune Teller' and my sittings/readings are all very individual as I will ask my guides to show me what it is you are needing to hear at this time in your life. My sittings are always customised and I do not follow any particular order or way of working. It is not until I meet or connect with you that I am made aware of how we will be working together.

When you come to me for a sitting/reading please do have an open mind and be open to new ideas which may be presented to you.. after all 'The Great Spirit' knows what is best for our paths.

I am rarely given details of future and therefore do not offer future predictions as I believe in 'Freewill'. We all have the ability to change things in our future with the choices and decisions we make now. However, if I am given future events during your sitting I will certainly pass them on to you.

 Private 1-1 Sittings with Louisa Marie

Private Sittings are conducted face to face. I do not put a time on my sittings as I believe it finishes when Spirit are finished and the energy has gone. However, if you have something which requires more immediate attention please see the other options below. To book a private sitting with me please click on the link below.  Once you have booked I will be in touch with you to make an appointment for you.

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Telephone/Skype Readings

If you are unable to get to my office in Hertford we can conduct your sitting/reading on the telephone or on Skype. Once booked I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for your sitting. To book simply click on the link below named 'Telephone/Skype Readings'.

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Spiritual Assessments 

We all wonder from time to time what we are be best at and where would be most beneficial to direct our energies. With a Spiritual Assessment we will look into you abilities and purpose within your psychic and spiritual work. Are you a healer, psychic, teacher, medium, speaker or maybe you are all of those.. a spiritual assessment will indicate where to focus your time and precious energy. You will probably find  that what you are told resonates within you, as deep down our soul knows where we should be and what we should be doing. An assessment will aim to point you in the right direction. ​​​​​​​

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