Published Book - The Secrets of Traditional Mediumship

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During our journey of Mediumship and Spiritual unfoldment we encounter many changes within ourselves. After many years of development and working professionally with Spirit, Louisa Sullivan shares her journey, experience and secrets of mediumship. Helping those of you who are either on your journey or just about to embark. Louisa believes in getting back to basics of traditional mediumship with practical tips and advice. 

Once you have an understanding of the basics the rest will fall into place. Louisa assists you on this very delicate journey to help you understand what mediumship is, and what it is all about in a practical and easy to understand way. 


Darren Charles
Highly recommended. I enjoyed it. A nice mix of biog and how to. Straightforward, no nonsense approach to mediumship.​​​​​​​

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