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One Day Workshops

Our one day workshops are held at our school locations and in various other locations in the UK & Europe. These are a great opportunity for you to have a taster of our longer more in-depth courses and seminars. A chance to explore your own development and unique abilities. 

We have a variety of different workshops to suit most needs, requirements and interests & for all levels of development. 

During a workshop you will have the undivided attention of both tutors Paul & Louisa who will work together to provide a level of tuition which they ensure is applied to all their courses both seminars and workshops alike. 

The Workshops We Offer: 

The Facets Of Mediumship

The Facets Of Trance 

The Facets Of Physical 

The Facets of Healing 

Mechanics of Mediumship

Spiritual Development & Mediumship

Improving  Evidence In Mediumship

Mediumship & Private Sittings 

Demonstrating Mediumship

The Inner Self & Spirit 

Mastering & Polishing Your Mediumship 

We look forward to welcoming you on to your path of self discovery & development 


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