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Healing Mentorship Program

Healing Mentorship Program

This is a six month healing mentorship. You will be spending six full weekends with mediums Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan. During this course you will be introduced to the basics of healing. We will start at the beginning introducing you to the systems of the body and related conditions which you may come across during your practical work. We feel this is necessary so you will be educated when patients come to see you for healing. 

We will be covering many aspects of your own development including understanding and working with energy. There will be plenty of practical hands on work with assignments, homework and case studies. We will  be setting up a private Facebook group for you to interact with fellow students and your tutors. 

You will spend 6 full weekends with Paul & Louisa on a Saturday & Sunday from 10am till 4pm 

There will be: 

 Lectures & Tutorials 

Group & Practical work

Monthly Homework & Assignments 

Case Studies 

Contact with Paul & Louisa through email 

Private Facebook Group - to enable you all to share experiences

​​​​​​​The Healing Mentorship 

Healing is an ancient art of using energy to provide ease to the physical, spiritual & emotional body. It has been used for thousands of years and is a very natural way of bringing comfort to another. Healing energy is brought from Spirit, through Spirit and to Spirit as the energy works through the channel. As energy passes through to the recipient it will be sent to areas of the body which are in need. The energies can be felt by the recipient when administered by a competent healer. Some people may respond better to healing than others, and we will be covering more about this during the course. 

The more attuned the healer is to the healing energies the better and more effective the healing will be. During this course you will be shown tried and trusted methods of healing. You will be taught about working with energies as this is the basis and groundwork of what you will be doing. You will shown the best and most effective ways to increase your awareness of energy and getting to know your healing guides. 


Paul & Louisa believe that to get the best from our healing we need to firstly understand how it works. You will be taken you on a journey of self discovery to find out your very own unique way of working with healing energy. There are many aspects of healing and you may find that working in a certain way suits you best. 

Things covered during the Six Month Healing Mentorship

  • What is Spiritual Healing 
  • The importance of self discipline & commitment 
  • Approach to healing and people 
  • Personal Hygiene 
  • Healing development 
  • Understanding Energy & Vibrations 
  • How to sense energies 
  • The Mind, Body & Spirit 
  • Understanding the Spirit 
  • The body - its systems and how it functions
  • Diseases of the body 
  • Diseases of the Mind 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Mechanics of Meditation & attunement 
  • Methods of relaxation to gain attunement
  • The Chakras & Energy Centres used in Healing 
  • Conditions associated with the energy centres
  • Understanding the Auric Field
  • Self Healing 
  • Distance Healing 
  • Hands on healing 
  • Colour healing 
  • Your healing guides 
  • Why some healing does not work 
  • Understanding Counselling 
  • Code Of Conduct
  • Disclaimers  
  • Confidentiality - verbal & written 
  • How to administer a healing session
  • Case Studies 
  • Working professionally