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Healing with Paul & Louisa 

Healing is an ancient art of using energy to provide ease to the physical, spiritual & emotional body. It has been used for thousands of years and is a very natural way of bringing comfort to another.

Healing energy is brought from Spirit, through Spirit and to Spirit as the energy works through the channel. As energy passes through to the recipient it will be sent to areas of the body which are in need. The energies can be felt by the recipient when administered by a competent healer.

Some people may respond better to healing than others as it depends on many factors such as your own attitude, belief  & the condition we are addressing.  Some people simply seem more receptive to healing, and will therefore respond better than someone who is not as  receptive to the modality of healing.


Paul is a Trance Healer, which means he works with much stronger energies than in Spiritual Healing. During a Trance session Paul will be in a state of trance, he will not use ‘hands on healing’ as his guides do the work using Paul’s energy. 

During a healing session with Paul & Louisa they will both work on you together. Paul will be working in a ‘Trance State’ as he his a Trance Healer and Louisa will be helping Paul to enhance the energies. 

Paul Has helped many people across the globe who have been suffering with all kinds of problems both emotional & physical.

Healing can be conducted either face to face or absently for those who cannot get to us. As we work with energy it does not matter if you are with us or not, the healing will still be effective. 

Once you have booked your session with us we will be in touch to arrange your appointment for healing & to find out it you can come to us or if it will be absent healing.