Deposit - The Facets of Trance & Mediumship Seminar - Glastonbury 13th -15th September 2019

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    Gordon Higginson said, “All mediums should begin their development with Trance.” 

    Trance Strengthens the connection to the spirit world. It builds the relationship with guides and helpers and improves evidence in mediumship.

    Trance is sitting in the energy of spirit with the intention of giving permission to come close to you. 

    This builds the relationship with your guide so eventually over time they will gain more control. This takes time and cannot be rushed or achieved over a weekend. We can give you the tools this weekend to show you how to do this and what you can do to improve your own connection.

    As we progress as mediums our abilities begin to unfold and we strengthen our connection to our Spirit Guides and Helpers. As we give them permission to come closer to us they can begin to inspire us through our writing and speaking. Inspirational speaking always begins with us then as we build into that communication with our helpers they can begin to inspire us with their words and thoughts. This is when we feel and know the difference in how we are working and anyone listening will also become aware of that change. Trance speaking & Inspirational writing can be very powerful as the words written or spoken will have more meaning and impact than those that are not given. One can write very quickly and meaningfully when being inspired by Spirit. 


    What is Trance?
    Perception & Control 
    Your Dedication 
    Your Energy & Wellbeing - becoming a pure Chanel for Spirit. 
    Different Levels of Trance
    Trance Healing 
    Trance Speaking 
    Trance Mediumship
    Knowing you helpers and Spirit Guides 
    Building that relationship
    Increasing your own knowledge through philosophy  
    Working with Inspirational writing 

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