Louisa Marie Sullivan


I have been actively working with spirit now for over twenty five years. I had my very first experience on stage at the age of twenty one with renowned Medium & Tutor ar the Arthur Findlay College, Janet Parker. Janet invited me to join her on the platform at her demonstration of mediumship to show me how my ability manifested in me. Having never been on stage/platform before I was terrified but Janet asked me to follow her lead and to feel who I was connected to in the audience. I connected with a lady and brought through her Uncle who has passed many years ago and he had been killed in a mining accident. I gave the lady evidence of who he was and a lovely message too.

Following on from that day I began my spiritual journey. I trained as a healer and worked with the infamous, Ray Brown. I worked with Ray at his clinics offering healing to his patients. We travelled the UK for many years working in this way. I began to receive messages from Spirit which I would then pass on to my patients with their permission.

From there I began to develop my Psychic work and trained in reading Tarot Cards, Healing, Meditation & Trance.  ​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​My passion has always been my mediumship and demonstrating part of my work and still is. I have a strong ethos within mediumship and I work hard to prove the existence of life after death. 

I have appeared on Sky TV.  I Perform Demonstrations of Mediumship Nationwide both in Spiritualist Churches and at private events. I offer Mediumship/Spiritual Readings for clients worldwide, which can be conducted either face to face, telephone, Skype or written email readings which will be channelled. 

I also teach in many areas of Psychic & Spiritual Development, including Tarot, Meditation and Mediumship Development. I am a published  writer with articles in  various magazines including Psychic News, Silent Voices & Chat Its Fate magazines. I am also Interviewed regularly on radio. ​​​​​​​

About My Readings/Sittings

I am not a 'Fortune Teller'  and my sittings/readings are all very individual as I ask my guides to show me what it is you most need to hear at this time in your life. My sittings will always be customised and I do not follow any particular order or way of working. It is not until I meet or connect with you that I am made aware of how we will be working.

When you come to me for a sitting please open your mind and be open to new ideas which may be presented to you.. after all The Great Spirit knows what is best for our paths.

I do not offer future predictions (unless they are provided to me by Spirit) as I believe in 'Freewill' and we all have the ability to change things in our future with the choices and decisions we make now. However, If am given any future events I will certainly pass them on to you during your sitting.
 I am currently available for the following services:

Demonstrations of Mediumship/Evenings Of Clairvoyance
1-2-1 Private Sittings
Tuition in Spiritual Development
Radio & TV Interviews