Dear Louisa
I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely reading. You have confirmed things that I was told in a reading with someone else, confirmed things that I knew, feel and suspected. You were right about the children, right about his stresses and right about the six - nothing happened between us until six months ago. I knew I had to be patient. I now know why and feel much happier that my life will get better very soon.
Thank you for helping me make sense of things.
Best regards

I have to be honest and say I do have readings on a regular basis I chose Louisa only due to the fact we went to same school, but it was a very wise choice. Getting in spot on from the start with her knowing I just started a new job and realising my concern, thank you once again -  Edward
Hi louisa,
Thank you so much for the prayer and to both of you for a wonderful workshop yesterday, it was so well prepared, very informative and a sheer pleasure to attend.
Kyme and I are already signed up for part 2 so we can’t wait. We may also be interested in other workshop that you run, so we'll be in touch regarding those.
We do run 2 development groups at the moment, one on a Tuesday evening and one every other Friday morning for beginners and we always do a short meditation at those as well as we feel it’s so imperative for development.
Thanks again for all the advice, we'll keep up the practice and meditation till we see you in April

Best wishes
Gail x


" at a recent reading with louisa I was amazed with what I heard. I had been having some personal issues that I was in difficulty verbalising. As soon as we started louisa told me she had a message for me - the message succinctly told me exactly what I had been unable to verbalise. The relief and understanding it gave me was wonderful . Louisa is a lovely person with a real talent that has enriched my life - so thank you Louisa!" Clare


I look forward to seeing Louisa every week. I have MS and suffer with fatigue. I always feel that Louisa 'recharges my batteries' and I have much more energy after she works her magic. 
Louisa'a tarot reading was spot on. Afterwards I felt inspired 
Melanie Preston xxx


I asked the team to investigate and help me when I had been experiencing spiritual problems in my home for several months; noises, footsteps, things going missing and the feeling of being watched.  These problems were causing feelings of tiredness, stress, fear and upsetting my family life. 
The team responded very promptly, they were professional, friendly and very approachable.  They carried out an investigation on 11th January 2009 and resolved my problems.  Before the investigation, I talked to them about what I thought might be going on.  They did not just agree with me but looked into it themselves and it turned out to be different from what I thought.  This caused me to trust that they were genuine; if they didn’t know what they were doing they could have easily just agreed with me.  They treated both my home and me with respect throughout the whole investigation.  They were very sensitive when discussing my experiences and I felt I was being listened to, they were easy to talk to and I was very comfortable.
After they had visited I felt so much better, there were no more occurrences and I felt at peace.  I was much calmer, the house felt better and I could get on with my family life, the stress had been lifted.  I am much more confident now and I would certainly recommend  them as a professional, helpful team.

Hi Louisa
I wanted to add a testimonial to your website just to say how I really enjoyed the Meditating & Shifting Negativity Workshop yesterday.  I found it very informative and came away with some new techniques that I can now try at home myself.  You were all so friendly and welcoming and really helped me understand the importance of positive thinking and how to deal with negativity.  Thank you again and hope to see you again soon on another future workshop. 


I attended the Meditation Workshop hoping to expand my knowledge and learn as much as I can.
I found this workshop very helpfull and interesting and have taken lots away with me to continue to practice.
I have to say Thank You to Louisa and Sue for running the workshop and after attending this one I look forward to
attending many more in the future.

Thank You
Hi Louisa

My name is Evette and tonight you connected with my grandmother. I was the lady near the door. You picked out my table.
I was very moved tonight and wanted to say thank you.
good evening louisa
i just wanted to say a very big thankyou,it meant so much to me and my mum that my nan came through to me/us this evening.
i/we have missed her greatly since she passed over.
kind regards