Spiritual Development & Mediumship Seminar -16th & 17th September 2017 - Isle Of Man

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During this seminar you will be introduced to the basic principals of Mediumship. This course is suitable even if you are a working or practicing medium/healer and would like to re-fresh your basic methods of connecting and preparing to link with the spirit world. It is important that before we can be successful mediums/healers we have the correct ground work in place, the foundations. We need to understand when we are connected to the spirit and when we are working on the psychic level. We need to know our helpers and learn how to blend and step into the world of spirit to strengthen our bond and improve evidence in our mediumship which will ultimately heighten our senses and our connection to spirit.

Whatever level of development you find yourself at we will be taking you right back to the basics of Mediumship. In this way you can create an awareness of your spirit, and place the foundations of mediumship into your consciousness.  Getting it right from the beginning is vital to your success as a good medium. It will enable you to go forward with confidence in your mediumship and personal spiritual development. 

This seminar will involve not only personal development, but also creating an awareness of the spirit around you. The first step in Mediumship is to know your self, then to know who you have with you from the Spirit World. Once this has been established you will then work on bringing through the evidence of the communicator so that your recipient knows exactly who you have with you. We are also very passionate about teaching you how to recognise who you are with and  building the energy between you and your recipient. You will be working on recognising, feeling and working with energy. 

During the day there will be talks, demonstrations and lots of group work so you can practice what you have learnt. 

During this seminar we focus in detail on helping you to get this right. You will shown tried and trusted methods from two experienced mediums: Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU. 

During this seminar we will cover: 

  • Difference between psychic and mediumship- understanding how you are working- The Mechanics  
  • Difference between Meditation & Attunement 
  • How to meditate and how attune to the spirit 
  • Meeting your Spirit Guide  - going deeper in meditation to come closer to spirit
  • Calling Cards
  • Blending with Spirit 
  • Is it real or my imagination ? Recognising when the conscious mind is active and when it is the spirit presence
  • Working with & understanding energy
  • Getting your link 
  • Maintaining that link with Spirit 
  • Working on the first crucial parts of evidence 
  • Blending with your recipient
  • Conducting a private sitting 

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